Build A Guest Home in Redding CA

Are you looking to Build A Guest Home in Redding CA?

Our community has experienced devastating home damage from the fires, and many homes cannot be salvaged. At True North Builders we can come assess the damage to your home or look at building new home on your existing lot. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll make it happen.

Home Building Company in Redding CA

By combining True North Builders expertise with leading technology, we have made the home building process an easy one. The results are stressful-free and we have happier homeowners.

Building or Renovating to the Highest Standards

When you hire a home builder in Redding CA, you trust a stranger to renovate or build your home to the highest standards and to act as a custodian of your money. At True North Builders, we take this responsibility very seriously, and our reputation is built on trust. We’ll ensure that all purchases are made wisely and carefully supervised. We will ensure that the selections and purchases you regard as most important can add value to your home.

Our Process Sets Us Apart

At True North Builders, we believe in proven techniques for timely and high-quality building that’s combined with attention to detail and full disclosure between all parties, the result will be a successful construction project.

True North Builders Methods are Applicable to all Projects

Regardless of the complexity, design or size of the home, everyone on the True North Builders team makes use of our tested approach. The systems in place in our building process are designed to capture information which ensures excellent outcome of the project.

Whether you want to renovate your home or you want to build a new home, the major benefit of working with True North Builders is that our methods are scale-able and applicable to all projects. Although the software and tools constantly evolve, the supervisory and managerial processes remain the same.

The True North Builders Project Team

When the plans are completed and construction starts, True North Builders will personally supervise the job. Our professionals are experienced in home building, and they will plan, direct and coordinate all activities of the project. The coordinator handles the administrative issues which include schedules, change orders and supply requisitions.

Transparent System Supported by Web-Based Technologies

The True North Builders system for building a custom home is organized and transparent, keeping every client informed and projects running perfectly. True North Builders make use of the latest web-based technologies to offer clients with schedule updates, construction documents, project photos and material selections.

True North Builders Team Applies Same Care and Concern to Every Job

Regardless of the size of the job, True North Builders team applies the same care and concern to each home they remodel or build. It is this quality service, attention to details and professional team that separates True North Builders from its competitors.

Regular meetings are held at the job site where all issues of schedule, money, conflicts, and problems are discussed. We are the best home builder in Redding CA. Contact us today, and you’ll be glad you did!